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Maiara Walsh: Interview with Dolce Vita

Maiara Walsh has also used her voice for good, dedicating her time to charities and causes she believes in. This past March she co-hosted Girl Prep, a youth conference sponsored by the In a Perfect World foundation and founded by the Young Women’s Empowerment Network. Workshops targeting self-esteem, leadership and youth activism were set up and 250 girls between the ages of 10 and 13 participated in the event. As a young woman working in image-driven Hollywood, Walsh identified with the girls. “I think self-esteem is important for everyone,” she says. “But I feel like the youth is so influenced right now by the media and the culture around them that they kind of forget what I think is important, which is valuing yourself and not needing to fit into this one image that most people can’t fit. They shouldn’t have to.”

Source:  Maiara Walsh: Bright Young Thing.


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